Hard Wear

posted 1 Apr 2009, 12:37 by Patrick Robinson   [ updated 3 Apr 2009, 03:45 ]
I have nearly finished work on this charming little mahogany gateleg table. 

It's very simple, and in fairly good nick considering it was made about the time Phillip moved the fleet into Sydney Cove. The timber is unbelieveably hard, even for mahogany, with extremely tight grain. The top is faded to a warm honey and the finish is thin wax only. I love it.

A long time ago, (50- 100- 150 years?) the original hinges on one of the drop flaps have been replaced with old cupboard door hinges. They are pretty obviously non-professionally done, a bit of bush carpentry improvisation with the only materials at hand. You can imagine the logic...

"Ah, sorry love, we need the table more than the cupboard door"

The original hinge rebates are beneath.

Over the course of 220 odd years functional little pieces like this have had running repairs. This one is crude, rustic and completely charming. It's staying.