Table - Australian Cedar Extention Dining Table Circa 1875

posted 17 May 2010, 01:53 by Patrick Robinson   [ updated 13 Dec 2011, 18:29 ]
Australian cedar extention dining table in lovely original condition.
This 140-year-old table has the perfect feel for cedar tragics. A good shape, warm nutty colour with plenty of variation, and a revived original finish showing plenty of character. Importantly, it still has the original 3 leaves for extending the table to sit 10.
This style of table, which replaced the freestanding 2 or 3 peice setting, allowed the dining table to remain in the centre of the dining room while not in use and the table to be extended as needed. On original castors with a simple frame mechanism beneath the top, it is easy to extend and looks great either as a 4 seater round table or the full 10 seat party peice.
The finish has been carefully revived and the table still shows a sensuous history.
Dimensions: 2420mm long extended x 1220mm wide x 760 high
Price: SOLD