Biedermeier Armoire

posted 11 Apr 2015, 18:55 by Patrick Robinson   [ updated 2 Dec 2015, 22:06 ]
Highly unusual Fruitwood Biedermeier cabinet or armoire featuring pierced doors on stylised block feet  circa 1830. The cornice and plinth are cross banded. A contrasting ebonised veneer, a typical Biedermeier feature, is visible to the edges of the door piercings.
Condition is very good, with original polish cleaned and waxed.

"Biedermeier was an influential style of furniture design from Germany during the years 1815–1848, based on utilitarian principles. (Its) style was a simplified interpretation of the influential French Empire Style of Napoleon I...Biedermeier furniture used locally available materials such as cherry, ash and oak woods rather than the expensive timbers such as fully imported mahogany. (The) furniture was simple and elegant. Its construction utilised the ideal of truth through material, something that later influenced the Bauhaus and Art Deco periods." - Wikipedia

Dimensions: 1980mm high x 510mm deep x 1330mm wide