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Restoration Classes and Auction Sessions

Restoration Classes

If you have always wanted to discover the secrets of furniture restoration...
The Appleyard is ready to spill the beans. 
The workshop class will introduce you to the basic principles of furniture restoration, including:
Furniture identification.
Assessing condition and possible action.
Minor furniture repairs, glues and clamping.
Reviving a finish: how to make your own reviver.
Removing a finish: sympathetically and... unsympathetically.
Surface preparation.
Colouring and staining. 
Traditional and modern finishes and how to apply them, including shellac and french polishing.
Waxing: how to make your own wax
If you have a small piece of antique or modern furniture that you would like to work on
then you are most welcome to bring that, but If you don't have anything I can supply something for you.
No experience necessary; just your enthusiasm.
          Each class is limited to 5 people.

            Cost:    $220 incl gst.    
            Where:  394 Little Arthur Street, Balmain.
            When:   TBA in September
         Please email me to book: patrick@theappleyard.com.au

        m 0403 000799
Auction Sessions

Do you want to learn the strategy of buying antiques or furniture at Auction?

I have been buying at antique auctions for over 30 years and still find it an exciting and hazardous experience.
Its easy to get caught up in the thrill of the bidding contest and pay too much, or to freeze and miss your chance altogether.

The Appleyard is offering a group session for parties of up to 4.
The experience will include:

Choosing the right piece for you
Assessing the condition and authenticity of the piece.
Valuing the piece including market value and price limits.

Cost: $795 incl gst per session, for parties of 4 or less.
When: Anytime that suits. We will liaise to discuss what you are searching for, and the best Auction house to locate it in.

Get a group together and split the cost!

Please email me or call to discuss: patrick@theappleyard.com.au

  m 0403 000799